Dark Forces Promo Poster and CD-ROM 1995

Star Wars Dark Forces Promo Poster and CD-ROM 1995

Star Wars is huge now, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars bringing a whole new generation to the franchise, and the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO bound to attract new gamers to Star Wars too.  It's interesting to look back at Dark Forces, one of the early big video game hits from Lucasfilm/Lucasarts.  If you're unfamiliar with the game from 1995, there's a great wikipedia entry about Dark Forces:
Dark Forces is a first-person shooter (FPS). The player controls protagonist Kyle Katarn from a first-person perspective, with a focus on combat against various creatures and characters from the Star Wars universe, though the game also includes environmental puzzles and hazards. Dark Forces follows a central storyline outlined in mission briefings and cut scenes. Each mission includes specific objectives which are related to the story. The missions take place in a variety of environments across the Star Wars universe, including a Star Destroyer interior, Jabba the Hutt's space yacht, and the planet Coruscant where the player must infiltrate a computer vault.
It was a great game on the PC and Mac, unfortunately the ports to the Playstation didn't turn out very well.  Before the prequels came out, Hasbro even made some figures from it.  Pictured are a promotional giveaway poster and demo disc from the game now available for auction on eBay: Star Wars Dark Forces Promo Poster and CD-ROM.

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