Star Wars May The Force Be With You Button

Star Wars May The Force Be With You Button

Vintage "May the Force be with You" button, 2.5" pin back badge with no copyright or manufacturer info. This is most likely a giveaway promotional item. One source that said this button was handed out to fans at movie theatres, which if true would make it one of the earliest bits of merchandising for Star Wars. It is strange that there's no copyright info on it. Another source claims that this was also manufactured by Factors. Whatever the truth, it is a rare and early piece.

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Vintage Omni Cosmetics Darth Vader Shampoo

Darth Vader Shampoo by Omni Cosmetics complete with shrink wrap and tag.

From Empirestrikesbath.com - view original Darth Vader Shampoo post.
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Yoga for Star Wars Fans

Seen in Sacramento, CA - "Padme Yoga Center."  Admit it, for a second you just got visions of Natalie Portman doing the downward dog, didn't you?

There is actually such a thing as Star Wars Yoga, as seen on the humor blog You Will Not Believe, feature such poses as "Collapsed AT-AT" and "X-Wing Extended."  It's the perfect crossover of Star Wars nerds and Yoga geeks.

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C-3PO sterile strips by Curad, 1995 (bandaids)

C-3PO sterile strips by Curad, 1995.
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From 1986 to 1995, there wasn't much new Star Wars stuff coming out during the slow time between Return of the Jedi and the announcement of the prequels which would debut in 1999 with Star Wars The Phantom Menace.

In 1995 merchandising for Star Wars kicked into high gear, beginning with Hasbro's Power of the Force line. Many other licensed products started appearing, including a line of bandages from Curad shown here, featuring C-3PO.

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May the Force be with Katie

Katie, photo from ChicagoNow.Com
Here's a sweet and heartwarming story just in time for the holidays... a first grade girl who loves Star Wars gets made fun of by some boy classmates for having a Star Wars water bottle.  Her mom, who has a blog, recounts the story and asks for female fans of Star Wars to chime in via comments.  The story goes viral on Twitter, with people using the hashtag #MayTheForceBeWithKatie to show support.

The response was overwhelming... after 1202 comments on the original post, a second page was set up.  The support even extended to official channels, with The Official Star Wars Blog posting in support of Katie.